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Posters are printed on 48lb poster stock with a semi-gloss finish.  They shipped rolled mailing tubes, uncreased.  They are suitable fpr use indoors, or briefly outdoors in sheltered areas where moisture and direct sunshine are not a problem. They are not archival or acid-controlled. They can be customized with text or graphics supplied by you.




18" x 32" Poster:   Stop the Madness!


18"x24" Poster: ORLANDO 2016

Orlando 2016 Orlando 2016

North or South, East or West, Coastal or Inland, Mountains or Plains, City or Country, on every continent save Antarctica, no place is immune from civil mass violence.  Politicians, mental health authorities, and health insurance companies could all help, but don't.  The small weapons industry actively lobbies against measures that have helped other countries stem the tide.  Without the enlistment of all these stakeholders, and the engagement of society itself, the carnage continues.  How do we make this madness stop?




war of the worlds poster war of the worlds poster
H.G.Wells H.G.Wells

Civilization collapses before the Martians' relentless assault, with their fiery heat rays and dark, deadly gas. Orson Welles' simulated radio newscast on  Halloween eve in 1939 created a widespread panic.



Wells' dark and prescient  morality tale about the effect of advancing technology on the ravages of war is as relevant in today's post-nuclear world as it was when it first appeared in the 19th century. Today, with two World Wars and a global Cold War behind us, and a century of smaller conflicts too numerous to count, we must also heed the dire warning of Pogo the Possum: The biggest threat to our continued existence on Earth arises from a source much closer than Mars.




Bernie Sanders Poster Bernie Sanders Poster



An economic system where industry works for the benefit ot owners


Democratic Socialism:

A political system where government works fot the benefit of people

Say what you will about about the 2016 US Presidential elections, this year there's real choice.  Trump certianly says what he feels at the moment, bringing authenticity to the stump if not a wealth of political knowlege of respect for the facts.  Clinton (who prefers to be called Hillary to divert attention from the dynastic nature of her candidacy) brings experience in both the legislative and executive branches and is a policy wonk in her own right. 


Bernie not only has practical legislative and executive experience and a scholarly grasp of government, but also he has a clear vision of the future America needs, and more principle and passion than both major party candidated put together.


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All the gallery images are available as fine high resolution, archival quality giclee prints for purchase in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed.   No order is too small, but we can complete high volume orders, too.


Images can also be licensed as digital wallpaper,  use on a website,  or in a a print based project, such as a poster or brochure.  Royalty-free licenses that do not expire are granted for a one-time nominal fee. 


If you find an image you would like to license or buy as a print, or you have any questions, contact me through the Mail Room.


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