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Waxing Gibbous, Nearly Full


Another virtual gallery, made more necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Cultural Center has done outstanding curation for this show, as they always do.  You can see it, and their other online galleries, by clicking here.  (A new window will open.  Close it to return to Coldbrook Studio.)



This is my first experience with Praxis, and I am very pleased with it.  In this era of art untouched by human hands, their approach, though it predates Covid-19, is singularly appropriate to pandemic times.


I send them a lo-res file for the jury to review.  If an image is accepted. I can send them a hi-res file, which they will print for a nominal fee, and mat and frame in a standard square format for the gallery.  The result is a standard, unobtrusive presentation for every photo, making each image stand on its own merits. 


A physical show hangs at their gallery in Mineapolis, with no shuffling of pathogens, and no need for mask or gloves.  A virtual version of the exhibit is also posted, giving potential worldwide exposure which persists after the physical show closes.  A review of past exhibits shows that the quality of the art has been outstanding.


Check it out at Better still, if you live in the Twin Cities area, check out the gallery in person after the pandemic has passed.


Online Juried

Digital Art Exhibit:

"A Sense of Space"

Sally Ride

The recent shelter in place orders have seen a surge in virtual exhibits, as traditional venues have been forces to close until the irus passes.  Some feature scanned paintings and prints, and photographs of 3-D works. Some, like this one, feature native digital work. 


The Cape Cod Art Center (nee CC Art Association), after years of tolerating digital art without really understanding it, has recently become a pioneer in the art form.


The exhibit can be seen at the CCAC site:  A Sense of Space.  It is well worth a visit.  While you are there, check out their auxilliary website for the National Association of Digital Artists.


Want to know more about the amazing Dr. Sally Ride?

Coldbrook blog on Sally Ride




"Sally Ride" has been awarded Best in Show for this exhibit




The Abduction of Persephone

(Use this link to see the online exhibition)


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