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Coldbrook Studio provides affordable digital art, giclee prints, posters and digital fine art photography to complement your creative lifestyle.  Custom presentations are our specialty, and bulk orders are welcome.

Nerd advice about building a website usually includes the KISS caveat: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  Marketers say people don't buy from a site until they understand and trust it.  Artists insist that people don't buy art, they buy artists.  While each of these precepts is true, each leads in a different direction in terms of what a website should be.


I would like your experience here to feel like a ramble through my actual gallery with me, discovering, my artwork as you go.  My site is neither small nor simple.  It has many hallways and rooms filled with surprises, and buttons which take you to other parts of Coldbrook Studio on other sites.   I haunt all this space. If you are in the market for original wall art, come with me and let's explore my studio together. 


Move among the rooms using the tabs at the top of the pages or the links embedded in the text.  On smartphone screens, these tabs are condensed into the 3-line icon on the upper left.  Tap this icon and all the named tabs will drop down.


You may want to start with the Featured Images (usually the most recent) that hang in the Show Room.   Images that are currently in exhibitions, as well as those that are soon to hang, can be seen in the News Room along with announcements for the shows.  Pictures that have recently recieved awards or prizes can be seen in the Hall of Honors, and some of the ones that didn't make the jurors' cut are in the Salon des Refuses in the sidebar there.  Go to the Attic to see the older images in the Coldbrook eGallery, sorted into categories for your convenience.  These images change from time to time, so return often.


The sidebar on the left offers other opportunities. Each room has a specialized menu there, peculiar to the theme of that space. The big BLOG button will open my Wordpress blog site in a new window; there are images, essays, and poems there.  The sidebar also has links to ColdBrook Studio on Facebook and Fine Art America, and a button you can use to Tweet something you like.. 


This site works best on a desktop screen.  A 6" smartphone screen, no matter how many colors or dpi, can never do justice to the artwork.




Fine art quality giclee prints are available on art paper or stretched canvas, loose, matted or artfully framed.  All the images are available to license to your website. 


Some images can be seen on FINE ART AMERICA, where they can be purchased online in a variety of forms and formats using PayPal or your credit card.  If you are interested in an image you don't see on FAA, I can post it there for you or you can purchase it directly from ColdBrook Studio.


Contact me with the MAIL ROOM  room tab for more information.

william sargent William Sargent

All these images have been altered in some way--some only a little, some a lot.  I'm not sure what to call them now.  They are not paintings, of course, though some resemble paintings.  They are not really photos, either, though most retain some echo, at least, of their photographic heritage.  I like the term digital images to describe these works, because it acknowledges the technology that made them possible, while recognizing that they truly are not photos any more.



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The ColdBrook Gallery

is a great source of affordable art for your walls or website!  A large variety of themes is available.  Prices and fees are very reasonable.

Coldbrook Studio

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All the gallery images are available as fine high resolution, archival quality giclee prints for purchase in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed.   No order is too small, but we can complete high volume orders, too.


Images can also be licensed as digital wallpaper,  use on a website,  or in a a print based project, such as a poster or brochure.  Royalty-free licenses that do not expire are granted for a one-time nominal fee. 


If you find an image you would like to license or buy as a print, or you have any questions, contact me through the Mail Room.


ColdBrook Studio

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Please remember:  These images are under copyright, and may not be used without permission.

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